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Convert MAC OLM to PST Using Best Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Outlook has been provided to the users in two different platforms-Windows Operating system and MAC operating system. Although MAC and Windows support the same email client but the functioning and database of Outlook in both the operating systems are different. Earlier Outlook was not a part of MS Office for MAC but had to be downloaded separately. Whereas Outlook in Windows was a part of MS Office suite from the beginning. Both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook have their own advantages but some MAC users can’t access their Outlook OLM files on Windows Outlook so, they decide to convert OLM to PST. In the below section, we are going to discuss the ways to perform this migration process.

Storage Files Of Outlook for MAC and Windows OS

The default storage for Outlook for MAC is OLM (Outlook for MAC) files. These OLM files store the entire mailbox data of Outlook like emails, contacts, journal, etc.
On the other side, Outlook data in Windows operating system is stored in PST (Personal Storage Table) files. Similar to OLM files these files also include all the mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Need to Migrate OLM to PST

The basic need which calls for converting OLM files to PST files is the difference in their structure. Although OLM and PST files both have their roots in the same email client-Outlook, but they greatly differ in their storage formats. If a user wants to upgrade his system from MAC to Windows, OLM files will not be accessible in Outlook in Windows. The only way to access OLM files in Windows OS is to convert OLM to PST files.

Major Differences between MAC Outlook and Windows Outlook

The differences between Outlook in MAC and Windows, which develops a need to export OLM files to PST are as follows:
• Outlook for MAC does not support alignment of data by bringing the ruler and adjusting the tabs properly. On the other hand Outlook for Windows has rulers which can adjust the tabs in it.
• Outlook for Mac does not create font sizes apart from the default or predetermined default sizes. In Windows Outlook, you can choose font sizes according to the user’s choice.
• Plug-ins cannot be run in Outlook MAC but they can be easily run in Outlook for Windows.
• You cannot manage numbering sequence in MAC Outlook on your own. This feature is not enabled in MAC Outlook. You can easily do this in Windows Outlook.
• Certain fields for contacts are not available in Outlook for MAC that on the contrary is available in Outlook for Windows Operating System.
• Outlook for MAC does not support read receipts and delivery receipts. This option is available in Windows Outlook. You can send both read and delivery reports in it.
• In case you need to create grid lines in MAC Outlook, you will have to create them in a graphics application and then they will be displayed as background images in outgoing messages. Grid lines can be created in Windows Outlook without a graphics application.
• You cannot switch the default view in MAC Outlook to classic view as available in Windows Outlook.
• MAC Outlook does not display calendars side by side as it does Outlook supported by Windows.
• You cannot show up your tasks in calendars in MAC Outlook in the same way as is done in Windows Outlook. The feature of dragging and dropping tasks in calendars is only available in Windows supported Outlook.
• You cannot save the replies with the original emails in the folder in MAC Outlook. This can be done in Outlook for Windows OS.
• Automatic replacement of old signature with a new signature is not supported by MAC Outlook. But this feature is supported by Windows Outlook.
• Customization of ribbon cannot be done in MAC Outlook. You can easily do so in Windows Outlook.
The above-mentioned differences between MAC Outlook and Windows Outlook have rendered the need for upgrading from MAC OLM data to PST in order to work with Outlook. As Windows Outlook has a variety of features to offer to the users, more and more number of users are moving to Windows Outlook.

Transfer OLM to PST of Outlook Manually

Method #1
Manual conversion of OLM files to PST files can be done by setting up an IMAP account. Follow the given procedure to carry out the conversion:

i. Firstly create an IMAP account like Gmail.
ii. Now add your Gmail account to MAC Outlook.
iii. Copy all the emails from the MAC Outlook to a folder in IMAP account.
iv. Then copy all the emails from IMAP account to Windows Outlook.
v. All the emails will get transferred from MAC Outlook OLM to PST.

• This method will only export emails from MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook. Other items like contacts, calendars, journals, etc. cannot be migrated.
• Even the slightest mistake in the conversion process may lead to corruption of OLM files. As a result OLM files will get inaccessible and will not work even in MAC Outlook.

Method #2
Another manual method to convert MAC OLM to PST files is to sync MAC Outlook with Exchange server. Firstly the MAC Outlook OLM files are synced with Exchange online. This will migrate OLM data to PST via Exchange online. After this Exchange online transfers all the data in OLM file in Exchange Server. When Windows Outlook account is synchronized with Exchange server, the data of OLM file can be extracted as a PST file. The resultant PST file can now be accessed in Windows Outlook.

• This method does not guarantee safe migration of OLM files to PST as slightest mistake would lead to permanent corruption of OLM files.
• This method requires good knowledge of Exchange server. A non-technical user will tend to make mistakes while carrying out this procedure.

Reliable Option to Convert MAC OLM to PST

The conversion process of MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook cannot be possibly performed manually. Therefore, third party tool like SysTools Outlook MAC Exporter can be employed for efficient conversion of OLM data to PST Microsoft Outlook. The tool efficiently does the conversion process and migrates all the mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars in a safe and quick manner. The software maintains the data integrity of the OLM files while conversion.

Outlook Mac Exporter – The Answer to Your Queries

With an application like OLM to PST conversion tool, you not only get the ease of converting your data from one platform to another but also get the privilege of doing so without having much technical knowledge.

• The application works on a user-friendly algorithmic base, making it easier for all groups of users to operate the tool.
• Technical inputs have not been compromised while structuring the application, which makes it a dependable converter.
• Varied options and features handling the process to carry out Outlook 2011 save to PST process make the migration worthwhile.

Free OLM to PST Converter

The specialty of the trial version for the tool to run Mac files on Windows is that it not only comes free of cost but also lets the users export 50 items from OLM to PST. This way you can visualize every step and function involved in the conversion from the start until the end.
Understanding the tool and its features becomes even more convenient for the users. Rest of the abilities remain same in the software trial i.e. speed, accuracy and safety of data as it is in the licensed edition.

The Final Words

To execute OLM data to PST migration you are required to get our magnificently designed application. You can export unlimited number of files from OLM to PST successfully via the Outlook Mac Exporter program.


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