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Convert Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST files

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The software organization is indulged in the continuous development of applications suited for data recovery and data migration domain. DBX Converter Tool is a part of the plethora of several applications, designed to convert Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST files.

The article illustrates the storage database of Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Also, various reasons to convert Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST files have also been discussed.

Outlook Express, an email and news client that was introduced with Internet Explorer 4.0 version stores its data in DBX files. In other words, all the emails that the user accesses in Outlook Express get stored in DBX files. It is to be noted that for each default folder of Outlook Express, a separate DBX file is created. For example for inbox folder inbox.dbx, for deleted items folder deleted items.dbx and so on.

MS Outlook, on the other hand, is an emailing client that comes as a component of MS Office suite. The entire data of MS Outlook gets stored in a single PST file. That is, emails of all the folders are stored in a single file. In addition, apart from emails other data items like contacts, calendars, journals, etc. are also stored in PST file.

How to Convert DBX Files to Outlook?

One of the main reasons due to which users working with Outlook Express are eager to transfer DBX files to Outlook is due to its security flaws. Since Outlook Express supports HTML scripts and emails, the emails are usually infected with a large number of viruses. In addition, another flaw was an automatic opening of scripts as some attachments. Other factors, which leads to data loss, is when the data increases the maximum size limit of the DBX file and at the time of file compaction. Therefore, users migrate to other email clients in order to experience the much more secure environment. One such platform that users largely prefer is MS Outlook and therefore tend to convert Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST files without any hassle.

About DBX Converter Tool

In order to switch Outlook Express to Outlook, the only way is to convert DBX files to PST files. Once the DBX files are converted, Outlook Express data can be easily accessed in MS Outlook. This conversion is facilitated by SysTools DBX Converter Tool. It supports batch conversion to export Outlook Express mail to PST format. In addition, MS Outlook is not required to be installed at the time of conversion with DBX Converter Tool.

DBX Converter like ours let users get the kind of conversion that they desire for and our application also offers users with a freeware version which is designed to serve the demonstration of software working and procedures indulged in it. Meanwhile, the tool has the capability of also doing the conversion in recovery mode, which is helpful in recovering and then it transfer DBX files to PST according to the user convenience levels.

Purchase from Any Region to transfer DBX files to PST

1. The DBX Converter program can be purchased by the users after checking and testing its trial version from any part of the world because we put up two types of purchase option; one is online purchase while the other is via resellers

2. The application offers conversion via recovery mode so that even corrupted DBX files can get transferred from Outlook Express to MS Outlook application.

3. The tool can migrate Outlook Express to Outlook with all the data included in the conversion i.e. emails and contacts into PST contacts and emails.

4. Metadata retention and safety is completely guaranteed when the need to transfer DBX files to PST occurs.

Get DBX to PST Migration Done When Moving Out

Moving out from an organization branch, a location, a residence, etc. to any other part of the world or location might trouble you if you cannot get access to Outlook Express. And when you are tired by the corrupted data due to the continuous crashing of Outlook Express then, on recovery mode one can convert Outlook Express DBX files to Outlook PST files.


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