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Mac Outlook Data Export to PST Made Easy With Outlook Mac Exporter

Author Bio: Outlook Mac Exporter is an effectual utility that is designed for exporting Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook PST file format. The organization has been conducting research and development of tools for Outlook vertical.

Summary: The write-up illustrates some of the factors that lead the users to export their Mac Outlook data to PST file format. The methods by which this conversion can be performed have also been discussed.

Body: Microsoft extends its support to serve organizations with different versions of Outlook, based on an operating system that is being currently used in that organization. We are talking about the email client that is most popular among the organizations- MS Outlook. Outlook is being made available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

However, the configuration features, and database storage of Outlook for both the operating systems differ. The outlook for Mac stores its data in OLM (Outlook for Mac) files and Outlook for Windows stores its data in PST (Personal Storage Table) files. It is to be noted that even though both PST and OLM file belongs to the same email client, they are not supported on the operating system other than the one to which they belong.

Necessity to Export Mac Outlook Data to PST

As discussed in the above section, OLM files are not supported in Windows Outlook and PST files are not supported in Mac operating system. Due to this very reason, at times corporate users face problems when they want to access Outlook Mac data in their Windows platform. At times when an organization switches from Mac to Windows platform, the biggest problem in hand is the export of current Outlook for Mac data to Windows Outlook.

Since OLM is unsupported in Windows Outlook, the only way by which Mac Outlook data can be made accessible is by converting OLM file to PST format.

Outlook Mac Exporter: Best Solution for Mac Outlook Export to PST

Exporting Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook is not possible manually. This can be only achieved by deploying third party tools like SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter. The software is surely a shot solution for conveniently exporting Mac Outlook data to PST format. The software allows the user to export selective amount of data if required and preserves the original structure of the file.

OLM File Converter for a Productively Successful Outcome

The Outlook OLM file exporter application is a fine utility for converting Mac based client data to Windows based mail file formats. Changing over from Outlook for Mac platform to a Windows based mail client can be possible with the help of this application. Here we have listed some of its features

  • The tool is capable of converting the contacts and its details of Outlook 2011 mail client’s address book into PST, EML, and MSG format.

  • The Outlook Mac Exporter software is capable of converting OLM format calendar along with its entries and items successfully.

  • The tool is designed in a manner that helps the users to convert all the email messages from the Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Drafts etc. folders of the OLM

  • The original formatting i.e. HTML formatting of the mail messages of OLM file is kept intact throughout the process of conversion from OLM file to PST file format

  • The software is helpful to convert all the convertible database along with its metadata successfully and safely

  • The users are enabled to view the step by step progression of the process of conversion of OLM files into desired format

  • Attachments stored within the OLM format email messages are also transportable.

Accuracy & Preciseness: Get Them Tested Via Outlook Mac Exporter Trial

You can test our best-rated OLM converter program in advance to its purchase. This application is available as a freeware edition as well, which is usable for trial and testing the application free of cost. The trial edition demonstrates software abilities and reliability level via converting the initial 25 email files. To move unlimited amount of data to desired file format, one can buy the licensed version of Outlook Mac Exporter.

Final Words

The Outlook Mac Exporter software, in short, is one of the best software programs in the software group of companies to render a qualitative yet powerful and safe conversion of the Mac OLM to PST database.


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