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Export Outlook Contacts to CSV and PST File Format - Efficient Method

Regardless of technology advancements, emails are still considered to be more reliable and effective way of communication among multiple users in these days. Moreover, when we are talking about emailing, Microsoft Outlook is the name that comes into users mind automatically. So, this email client has an upgraded features, amongst all 'Contacts' is the most crucial part of it. As we know, contacts help us to keep in touch with important people. Although, no one wants to lose the contacts that they have made over many years. Therefore, even most of users need to switch between email platform, and they, trying to get their essential 'Contacts' over them. Here, in the following section, we are focusing on this instance and we will discuss various steps to export Outlook Contacts to CSV and PST file formats, thus, they will be used by other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and so on.

Transfer Outlook Contacts to CSV File

CSV is a file format used to be the most popular types of email clients. Thus, the moving Outlook contacts to CSV type can easily save lots of extra effort of other email applications. To follow these steps as given below:

Step1:  First, you have to launch MS Outlook

Step 2: Now, open Import / Export wizard

Step3:  Next, select the File menu under Outlook 2013 or 2016 version on the desktop. Choose Open & Export option and click the Import / Export option

Step 4: In Outlook 2007/2003, go to the File and choose Import and Export tab

Step 5: Then, choose the Export to a File and click on the Next button

Step 6. Select the Comma Separated Values(CSV) and then, choose Next

Step 7: Then, choosing the desired Contacts folder that is under the user's account (there could be multiple folders which depend upon how to organize all Contacts. Each folder wants to be exported separately)

Step 8: Click the Next button

Step 9: Choose the Browse option to select the destination location and the name of the file. Choose the OK button

Step 10: Users have to check where the new contacts file will be stored on the system and choose Next option

Step 11: Finally, click on the Finish to export the Address Book immediately.

Export Outlook Contacts to PST File

While transferring Contacts to CSV format, users may have different file formats available. One such option is PST and it is the most useful type if users want to move their Outlook Contacts from one platform to another platform. The following procedure will help to export Outlook contacts to PST format as mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and Install Microsoft Outlook on the local machine

Step 2: Then, Start the Import / Export wizard

Step 3: Under Outlook 2013 and later version, choose the File menu and go to Open & Export option. Next, click on Import / Export option

Step 4: From Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003, click on the File and select Import and Export tab

Step 5: After that, choose the Export to a File and click on Next button

Step 6: Now, Select the Outlook Data File (.pst) and then, click the Next

Step 7: Bring out the particular Contacts folder (there could be many folders depending on how to organize each Contacts. Each folder will need to be exported separately)

Step 8: Next, choose the Next button

Step 9: Finally, select the Browse option to choose the destination path and file name for exported Contacts data file

Step 10: Click the Next button and then, choose the Finish option

Why Manual Approach Fails?

It can be possible that users get fail to convert Outlook contacts to CSV and PST file formats using manual procedure those are explained below:

1. The entire procedure is very lengthy and complex to perform the migration. Even a novice user may need to take help of the technical expert too.

2. There can be a risk of losing data because having no guaranteed to perform the conversion in an efficient manner.

Professional Solution to Migrate Outlook Contacts to CSV

When users want to Export the Outlook address book to CSV and PST format. Then, it becomes a very tough task for all users and also a lengthy procedure. Thus, many users prefer to search for a reliable and trustworthy solution i.e. SysTools Address Book Recovery Tool. One can use this software to overcome all such limitations of the manual approach.

Bottom Line

It is concluded that users need not worry about an email access while migrating Outlook contacts to CSV as well as PST file formats. As both formats play a significant role for business users. Along with, we have explained step by step procedure to export Outlook contacts to CSV and PST file formats. As manual approach has some drawbacks, so we have recommended an automated solution i.e. Address Book Recovery Tool can also be used for greater efficiency and time management.


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