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Expert Tips to Migrate Google Apps to Outlook 2016/13/07

Do you need to migrate from Google Apps to Outlook PST? Get methods for GSuite to Outlook Migration & Export emails to PST

Reliable & Perfect Solution for Google Apps to Outlook Migration

Nowadays, most of the users are performing Google Apps to Outlook migration. It is because in Microsoft Outlook one can configure many other email accounts, for example, G Suite as well. Apart from this, it provides many advances features also like, spam filtering, managing events, etc. Thus, how one can migrate from G Suite to Outlook step-by-step is covered in this post.

“I am looking for the solution to migrate Google Apps mail to Outlook. It is because Outlook provides an option to configure Google account. Therefore, it becomes easy for me to access both of them at one place. Is there any simple method available to to move from G Suite to PST? If yes, then please suggest.”

Different Solutions to Migrate from Google Apps to MS Outlook

Solution#1 :  Migrate from G Suite to Microsoft Outlook 2016 Manually

In order to migrate Google Apps emails to Outlook, there are various manual methods available and are discussed below to Migrate G Suite to PST:

Use Google Takeout Import

One can use an application offered by the Google to backup Google Apps account data on the local machine. After that, convert the downloaded data into PST file format to perform Google Apps to Outlook migration. However, it backup the data in four different types:

  • • Add downloaded data to DropBox
  • • Add G Suite backup in Google Drive
  • • Add downloaded data to MS OneDrive
  • • Send download link via emails

To migrate Google Apps to Outlook PST file format, first thing that a user needs to do is to download G Suite account data with the help of Google Takeout application. To do the same follow the steps given below:

1. To start, you need to login to a valid Google Apps account by entering valid credentials.

2. Then, choose the data you need to download from the given list

Note: You can also download all data or the selective data items based on your choice.

3. After that, to start the download process, click on the Create Archive option. As the downloading process begin, you can see the current progress status on the display window

4. Next, click on Save button to save the archived data on the computer.

However, all the downloaded data items are in zip folder at the selected desired location. This Zip folder contains all data items saved in the MBOX format.

Now, a user needs to Google Apps to Outlook via MBOX File. To do the same using manual procedure, follow the steps given below:

Convert Downloaded Google Apps Data to PST Format Manually

As there is no direct method available to export Google Takeout data . Therefore, follow the steps mentioned below carefully:

1. First, you need to transfer downloaded data in Apple Mail
2. After that, import MBOX file to Eudora mailbox by copying it to default location
3. Then, Import Eudora mailbox to Outlook Express account
4. In last, Import Outlook Express Mailbox to MS Outlook
Note: As the manual procedure to export MBOX to PST format is quite lengthy and requires so many extra installations, so it suggested to use a third-party MBOX Converter.

This way, all your downloaded data is successfully Migrated from G Suite to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution

It might be possible that while performing manual solutions, a user may face some limitations, which are discussed below:

  • • It is a lengthy procedure to perform and takes a lot of time.
  • • One cannot apply any filter to backup data items from Google Apps.
  • • Huge amount of data sometimes leads to data corruption.
  • • It is not a guaranteed solution to perform Google Apps to Outlook migration.

Solution #2 Effortless Solution for Google Apps to MS Outlook Migration

As there are various limitations that a user might encounter while migrating G Suite data manually. Thus, in order to have an effective, simple, and reliable solution, one is advised to go for a professional solution i.e. Systools Google Apps backup tool. This software is designed in such a way that it migrate G Suite data to Outlook PST without any hassle. It downloads all data items i.e. emails, contacts, calendars from Google Apps account to PST format. In addition, the software does not have file size limitation.

Using this tool, one can easily convert Google Apps data to PST format. After that, a user can use the Import/ Export feature of MS Outlook to import PST file into it.

Final Word

Migration from Google Apps to Outlook is not at all any easy process. However, users are constantly querying about the same. Thus, in this post, we have discussed both manual and professional solution for G Suite to Outlook migration. However, sometimes it becomes very tricky to perform the manual task as it has some limitations. Therefore, a user is advised to use a third-party tool i.e. Google Apps Backup tool for the same.


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