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Tips to Export Apple Mail to PST Outlook 2016/2011

Apple Mail is the preferred choice for Mac computer users being the default mail application provided by Apple. However, another reason for using the client is that its data is flexible for migration or transfer over other platforms or clients too. Apple Mail generates and stores its email data in a MBOX file format, i.e. a mailbox - the collection of email messages in simple text. However, despite the flexibility of MBOX files, it is not necessary that its users do not face restrictions or dissatisfaction.

A number of users have been observed to exhibit the need to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST. The following blog will not just explain the substantial reasons that are associated with the requirement to migrate Apple Mail to Outlook, but also the probable ways of executing the conversion.

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook

If you think that Apple Mail is not a satisfactory email program then that is not the issue.

Apple Mail is not functional on a Windows machine while a PST file belongs to Windows-based Microsoft Outlook client. Therefore, in the case of the special need for switching to Windows-based Outlook client, such a conversion may be required.

Other than this, users who convert Apple Mail to PST format data file are usually confronted by the following requirements:

1. MBOX supporting platforms are mostly freeware programs. The applications are small sized, i.e. offer a limited number of services, which usually does not include calendaring, contact storage, journaling, etc.

2. Platforms compatible with MBOX files are generally freeware applications, which make them unsuitable for professional purposes. Freeware programs do not come integrated with a reliable data security and with personal information management facilities.

How to Export Apple Mail to PST Data File?

In order to avoid commercial ways, you need to have a machine configured with Windows OS. Once the arrangements are done, on the Apple machine go to Library for locating mail database folder of Apple Mail.

Transfer the required MBOX files on a removable media and move it to the Windows machine, to begin with, the conversion. On the Windows machine start Thunderbird (install if not available) and place the Apple Mail MBOX file in the client’s storage path.

This way you can get emails from Thunderbird transferred to the Outlook configured on the same machine. This PST can then further be transferred to any other version of Outlook on a different machine if needed.

However, the process is overall very tiresome and thus leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction from the end user. Therefore, using a third party converter proves to be a better choice in such cases. Apple Mail to PST Converter is amongst the top in this category and serves a great yet safe conversion.

MBOX To PST Converter – Works On Your Commands And Demands

SysTools MBOX to Outlook Converter application comes as a rescue for such users by helping them in executing the respective conversion with ease and guarantee. Converting data from one format of the mailbox to another requires techniques that can change the internal structure without altering the data within. Application offered by our organization consists of best of those techniques for changing mail structure with data as well as metadata security ensured.

Exceptional Qualities of MBOX To PST Converter

1. While converting Apple Mail to PST the software includes all the emails along with its metadata and attachment to successfully convert MBOX to PST file format.

2. The security of your data is ensured throughout the procedure of conversion. This way you not only get the exact MBOX to PST file but also get its entire information into PST format without any modifications done with them.

3. The Apple Mail to PST Converter has been established with user-friendly algorithms that make its operations easy not only for technically sound users but also for the novice users.

4. All the available versions of Outlook as well as Windows operating system are well supported by the MBOX to Outlook Converter so that the conversion can be executed smoothly by all users.

The Freeware MBOX to PST Converter Edition

The application comes with a freeware version, which lets users convert 25 files from the selected MBOX file to Outlook PST mailbox. This way you can successfully know how the software functions and understand its interface and reliability.

Meanwhile, you will have to purchase the licensed version of the MBOX to Outlook converter in order to carry out the conversion of entire MBOX files to PST without confronting any limitations.

Final Words

When you are interested in executing MBOX to Outlook conversion then always go for a dependable solution like; MBOX to Outlook Converter, which offers advanced facilities like merging multiple MBOX, files into a single PST mailbox.


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